Coastal Livelihoods in the Republic of Kenya (Final Draft)

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The following country report begins with an overview of coastal livelihoods in Kenya, which provides a concise overview of the seven sector reports and the findings of the in-country and regional consultants. This overview ends with a conclusion which summarizes the collected information as it relates to the coastal zone in Kenya in general. This overview is followed by the more detailed sector reports, which represent the original contributions by the in-country and regional consultants. The sectors are organized in the following order: Small-scale Fisheries, Tourism, Mariculture, Agriculture and Forestry, Energy, Ports and Coastal Transport and Coastal Mining.

Each sector report has been prepared by specialists in that particular sector drawn either from the country or internationally. Sector reports have been prepared according to a pre-determined template to ensure that the relevant aspects of that sector were captured by the consultants. Reports include descriptive sections on the biophysical environment, human environment, policy and governance, planning and management, and development, trade and projects related to that sector. Each report is concluded with a SWOT analysis which provides a summary of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats facing that sector. It is the outputs of these SWOT analyses that are of particular importance to the strategic planning aspects of the overall ASCLME project. These reports were initially submitted to the regional coordinators for review and have subsequently been corrected and updated by the consultants themselves.

Finally, each sector report has a bibliography containing key references and links to relevant information. Full details of the information resources collected during compilation of each sector report, as well as electronic copies of literature (where available), are included in the overall ASCLME reference management system.

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