Policy and Governance Assessment of Coastal and Marine Resources In South Africa

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The objective of this report is to assess and make recommendations on the sustainable management of South Africa’s marine and coastal resources in the context of other countries in the West Indian Ocean (WIO) region.

More specifically the report seeks to outline and assess the application of an Ecosystem Based Approach (EBA) and Living Marine Ecosystem (LME) approach for the sustainable management of such resources with a view to benefitting the people and alleviating poverty in the region. More specifically the terms of reference are to:

  • Undertake a National Level Policy and Governance Assessment for marine and coastal resources, covering a period of at least the last 20 years. In the case of South Africa it is preferable to reduce this to 17 years as it was in 1994 that South Africa transformed to democracy in adopting its first democratic (interim) constitution and ending centuries of racially based rule.
  • Compile and analyze all governance efforts (that is legal and policy changes and actions – including institutional reforms) relating to marine and coastal resources within the territorial waters and coastal zone; including identifying gaps and need for harmonization;
  • Collate and review fisheries and all other relevant policy making processes and related laws, and advise on areas where harmonization is possible to enable the implementation of an ecosystem based approach to management;
  • Review and document the funding provided for the management of marine and coastal resources by government, externally-funded projects and the private sector;
  • Assess the level of participation by stakeholders – including local communities and the private sector in the management of marine and coastal resources.
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