Third SAPPHIRE Project Steering Committe (PSC) Meeting

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The Nairobi Convention Secretariat in executing the SAPPHIRE project organized the third SAPPHIRE Project Steering Committee (PSC) held virtually on Microsoft Teams on Tuesday 16 March 2021 from 15h00 – 17h00 East African Time.This was following a request for the Project Management Unit to host a third PSC meeting to present the project workplan and budget for 2021.

The objective of the third PSC meeting was to:

i) review the project progress from the fourth quarter of 2020,

ii) discuss and approve the workplan and budget for 2021,

iii) discuss the overall project timelines,  and

iv) discuss the timing of the mid-term review.

Here are the presentations made during the meeting, and other supporting documents:

And the report for the Third SAPPHIRE PSC Meeting: HERE

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