A Strategic Framework for Private Sector Engagement in the Western Indian Ocean Region

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It has become increasingly apparent that in order to enhance ecosystem conservation and protection and meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is imperative that the private sector supports the transformation of business practices by, for example, mainstreaming the use of greener technologies and sustainable practices in day-to-day operations. This has been acknowledged in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) through, amongst others, the Nairobi Convention Work Programme for the period 2018 – 2022, which includes among its objectives the need to “engage stakeholders in the public and private sector in greening operations and management practices for innovative ocean governance”

This strategic framework was informed by an assessment report, a stakeholder survey, targeted interviews with selected stakeholders, written inputs on a draft version of the document, as well as inputs received at a virtual stakeholder consultation meeting convened on 30 October 2020. The document is intended to provide the Nairobi Convention Contracting Parties, the Nairobi Convention Secretariat, UNEP and key conservation partners a strategic framework within which to engage with the private sector.

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