Regional Consultation Meeting on the Environment-Fisheries Nexus in the Western Indian Ocean

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The NC-SWIOFC Partnership Project and the ACP-MEAs III Programme held a consultation meeting on the environment-fisheries nexus. The aim of this meeting was to to identify priority issues of concern and recommend processes that can be used to develop joint policy recommendations and indicators as well as knowledge and information sharing mechanisms while linking policy makers and key stakeholders in the environment and fisheries sectors.

Outputs and recommendations from this first consultation meeting should inform delivery of activities to support policy dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge and information sharing in the environment-fisheries nexus on national and regional level within the framework of the SWIOFC-Nairobi Convention partnership project and the ACP MEAs III Programme (regional marine environment status report) and other closely linked processes.


Groupwork Presentations

Mitigating Fisheries Impacts on Vulnerable Species and Critical Habitats

Protecting and Restoring Critical Habitats Essential for Marine Fisheries Production

Knowledge and Information Sharing Mechanisms


Below is a list of the meeting's documents and other presentations made. 






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