The 2023 Western Indian Ocean Science to Policy Platform

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WHERE - Maputo, Mozambique

WHEN - 5 - 7 December 2023

The Western Indian Ocean Science to Policy Platform (WIO-SPP) is intended to support the efforts of the Contracting Parties of the Nairobi Convention to integrate relevant scientific evidence and findings into national and regional efforts to protect, manage and develop their coastal and marine environment sustainably. It serves as an intermediary body to bridge the gaps between science and policy, and catalyze actions for the implementation of the latter. The WIO-SPP is also expected to act as an intermediary or boundary agent between science and society and to facilitate and promote a better understanding of on-going and emerging regional environmental challenges and opportunities, and of the strategies needed to address them. It contributes to the mechanisms necessary for providing information on research needs and priorities to the science community. 

The 2023 WIO-SPP will take place between 5 - 7 December 2023. The meeting is being organized by the Nairobi Convention Secretariat in collaboration with the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA), and with the support of various partners. 

Meeting Documents

  1. Concept Note 

  2. Provisional Agenda

  3. Call for Discussion Papers

  4. Compendium of 2023 WIO-SPP Discussion Papers 


Information Documents

  1. Information Note
  2. Logistical Information Note
  3. Final Report of the 2021 Science to Policy Meeting 
  4. Western Indian Ocean Science to Policy Platform - Webpage
  5. Western Indian Ocean Science to Policy Platform Series - Volume 1 



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