Jacob Ochiewo (PhD)

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Assistant Director, Socioeconomics and Planning at Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI)
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Dr. Ochiewo has competencies in Development studies, socioeconomic surveys, environmental economics including economic valuation of natural resources, causal chain analysis, project design and implementation, community development, governance, and natural resource policy analysis. He recently produced useful information and knowledge in the following areas: Socioeconomic aspects of the Dugong dugon in Kenya, socioeconomic features of the sea cucumber fishery, Social and economic aspects of mud crab fattening and fishing, effects of climate change on small pelagic fisheries, economic and financial impact of marine fisheries in Kenya, social and economic impact of seaweed farming in the south coast of Kenya, economic analysis of seaweed farming in the south coast of Kenya, among others.

Research interests

Socioeconomic assessments and monitoring, governance analysis including institutional capacity analysis, causal chain analysis, drivers-pressures- state- impact- response (DPSIR) analysis, natural resource policy analysis, project design and implementation, development studies, fisheries value-chain analysis, and preparation and monitoring the implementation of fisheries management plans.