Restoring the integrated native terrestrial habitat and seabird community of Ile aux Aigrettes, Mauritius.

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2 Years
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A. Overall objective

This project will restore coastal forest habitat on Ile aux Aigrettes, specifically ‘seabird habitat’, and restore terrestrial and near-island marine ecosystem functioning through the attraction of seabirds. The project will enable Mauritians to learn about their natural heritage and the importance of biodiversity conservation, and remain a global leading example of island conservation and restoration.

The project seeks to advance ecosystems restoration on Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve, a site of national and international biodiversity importance, and the surrounding sea. Recognising that terrestrial conservation and seabird colony re-establishment has benefits for both land and marine ecosystems, the project will conduct focused, seabird friendly, habitat restoration and seabird attraction.  The ultimate aim is to encourage the use of Ile aux Aigrettes by seabirds, and promote the synergistic relationship between land and sea that is mediated by seabirds, and to promote knowledge of mutualistic relationship between terrestrial and marine ecosystems, with seabirds being the interface.