Mwita Mangora

Current job title: 
University Lecturer and Research Scientist
Areas of expertise: 

Dr. Mwita M. Mangora is Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Marine Sciences - Zanzibar of the University of Dar es Salaam. Dr. Mangora conducts research, training and consultancy on mangrove ecosystems protection, management, restoration and their role in safeguarding environmental integrity and supporting local, national and global economies and development.

Specifically, Dr. Mangora’s current research focuses on understanding the ecological functions and processes of mangrove ecosystems, their exposure to the impact of both natural (especially climate change) and anthropogenic pressures; consequent ecological fragility and impact on livelihoods of dependent communities. He also conducts studies on functional existence, management and socio-political-ecological of marine protected areas.

Dr. Mangora is currently leading the institutionalisation of the Western Indian Ocean Mangrove Network that seeks to enhance regional sharing of technical and management lessons and experiences on best practices for sustainable conservation and utilisation of mangroves ecosystems.

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