Sixth WIOSAP Project Steering Committee (PSC) Meeting - 6th -7th July 2022

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The sixth PSC meeting for the WIOSAP project was organized with the aim to:

The overall objective of the 6th WIOSAP PSC meeting was to provide strategic guidance for effective implementation of the activities in the WIOSAP project based on the recent MidTerm Review (MTR) findings.

The specific objectives included:

  1. A A Review, consideration and approval of the Mid-Term Review (MTR) Report
  2. Review, consideration and approval of the revised Project Results Framework (PRF)
  3. The Approval of MTR report recommendations and action plan to enhance project implementation Approval of 2021 technical and financial progress reports
  4. The Approval of 2022 workplan and budget

The MTR report highlighted project performance, lessons learnt and key recommendations to enhance implementation and thus impact of the project during this final phase.

The in-person PSC meeting was held at Nosy Be, Madagascar between 6 -7 July 2022

Below are the meeting documents for the sixth WIOSAP PSC meeting, including the Funds Transfer Request Form in MS WORD here, and in PDF below:

  1. Concept Note - 6th WIOSAP PSC
  2. Provisional Agenda - 6th WIOSAP PSC
  3. WIOSAP MTR Performance Summary
  4. WIOSAP MTR Final Report
  5. WIOSAP MTR Recommendations Action Plan
  6. WIOSAP PSC Progress Report
  7. FARI Meeting Provisional Agenda
  8. WIOSAP Project Workplans-2022-2023
  9. WIOSAP Financial Reports - July - Dec 2021
  10. WIOSAP Revised Budget - 2022 - 2023
  11.  Funds Transfer Request -FTR- Form_Sixth WIOSAP PSC

To access all presentations made during the sixth WIOSAP PSC meeting, follow this link.


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