Masumbuko Semba

Current job title: 
Oceanographer and Data Scientist

I am Masumbuko Semba, a data scientist specializing in spatial analysis and oceanography. Leveraging my programming expertise, I have developed a diverse range of tools, algorithms, and analytical workflows that streamline the organization, management, analysis, and modeling of data. Furthermore, I possess proficiency in various programming languages such as – MATLAB, Python, Observable JavaScript, and R.  As I’m in the Information Management Strategy group of the Nairobi Convention, my role involves contributing to the development of an information strategy aimed at promoting marine spatial planning and supporting the growth of the blue economy. This strategy encompasses leveraging information management practices and technologies to enhance decision-making, facilitate sustainable resource management, and drive economic development within the marine environment. By aligning information management efforts with the principles of marine spatial planning and the blue economy, the strategy aims to optimize the use of marine resources, protect ecosystems, and promote equitable and inclusive economic opportunities.