Focal Points and Partners Consultative Meeting Ahead of Nairobi Convention Eleventh Conference of Parties (COP 11)

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Date:  March 25 - 28 2024

Location: Durban, South Africa

The Nairobi Convention National Focal Points and partners working in the Western Indian Ocean region will hold a consultative meeting from 25–26 March 2024 in Durban, South Africa to deliberate on priority thematic areas and emerging issues of importance in the Convention area in preparation for the 11th COP of the Convention.
The objectives of meeting will be to:
(i) consider the progress made in the implementation of the 10th COP Decisions of the Contracting Parties,
(ii) contribute to the drafting of further decisions for subsequent approval by the Contracting Parties and
(iii) propose thematic areas of implementation under the Nairobi Convention work programme for the period 2025-2028.

Working Documents

  1. Concept Note
  2. Provisional Agenda

Information Documents

  1. Logistical Information Note
  2. Nairobi Convention COP 10 Decisions
  3. Approved Work Programme 2022 - 2024 - ENG ] Proposed Work Programme 2022 -2024 [ FR ]
  4. Progress on Implementation of COP 10 Decisions 
  5. Report of the 2023 Western Indian Ocean Science to Policy Platform 
  6. Report of the 2023 UNEP-Nairobi, Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm Conventions Collaborate for Effective Plastics Management in WIO Region
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