The main focus of this project lies in improving the coordination between fisheries and environmental management, for the production of actual results on the ground. Concurrently, it is essential that there are improvements in both fisheries and environmental management, in a way that they can mutually reinforce each other. Therefore, the project is organized into three main components:

Component 3: Coordination, Knowledge Management

This component covers project management and the improvement of the coordination and cooperation between fisheries and environmental management institutions and interventions at the regional and national level. It will support coordination and cooperation in two elements of the project, (i) inter-institutional mechanisms and (ii) pilot field projects.

Component 2 : Ecosystem-based Approach to Fisheries

This component is centered on the application of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries (EAF). It will establish a participatory, science-supported and evidence-based fisheries management system that takes account of the impact of environmental health on fisheries as well as the direct impact of fisheries on the marine and coastal environment.

SWIOFC Component 2

Component 1: Protection, Management of Coastal and Marine Ecosystems

It is centered on the protection and management of the coastal and marine ecosystems. It focuses on addressing the link between the health of marine and coastal ecosystems in the WIO region and fisheries productivity; and also the impacts of fisheries on the capacity of these ecosystems to provide inherent goods and services.

SWIOFC project component 1