The 3 key action areas for the project are:

COMPONENT 1: Strengthened Governance Frameworks for the Nairobi Convention and its protocols:

Key outputs will include the development of a Regional Ocean Governance strategy; ratification of the Land-based Sources and Activities Protocol; amendment the Protocol Concerning Protected Areas and Wild Fauna and Flora in the Eastern African Region and the development of a Blue Economy Strategy.

COMPONENT 2: Regional networks of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) developed:

MPA management plans will be developed in three countries while demonstration projects to improve MPA management will be implemented in two pilot MPAs. Additional outputs will include support to the development of an Ecosystem Indicator Monitoring programme and a Critical Habitats Outlook.

COMPONENT 3: Reducing Waste Influx into Marine Environment

Under this component, a Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter; National Marine Action Plans in two countries; and regional standards for marine water quality will be generated.