Status of Birds and their Habitats in the Marine and Coastal Environment of Comoros

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Data and information for this report was compiled by Engagement Communautaire pour Developpement  Durable  (ECDD);  Bristol  Conservation  and  Science  Foundation’s (BCSF) with support from BirdLife International project in the Comoros working in partnership with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (Durrell). This project has been working in the Comoros since  2007  to  develop  the  best  approach  to  forest  management  for  the  Comoros,  based mainly  on  participatory learning  and  action  methodology.  The ecological monitoring department of the project have been surveying terrestrial birds on the three islands of the Comoros  since  2009;  with  a  species  specific  project  funded  by  BirdLife  International’s Preventing Extinctions Initiative which focused on the distribution and estimated population size of the Anjouan Scops Owl (Otus capnodes). Observations from these, other studies, and personal observations made by members of the National Task Force, were used in this report to assess the current status of the Comorian avifauna, the threats they face, and conservation actions which could be implemented.  



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