Japhet Kashaigili (PhD)

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Associate Professor at Sokoine University of Agriculture
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Prof. Japhet J. Kashaigili is an Engineer with more than 18 years of professional experience in teaching, researches and consultancies in water resources assessment and management, Hydrological modeling, environmental flows assessment, agricultural water management, wetland ecosystems management, eco-hydrology, groundwater assessment and management, climate change and adaptations, environmental impact assessment, Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA), programme/project monitoring and evaluation, and applied GIS & Remote Sensing in natural resources assessment and management. He is now working for the Sokoine University of Agriculture – Tanzania, in the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism. Japhet has accumulated a worth of experience from working as a Consultant, Principal Investigator and Researcher in several projects funded by different Bi-lateral donors, local and international NGOs and Development Banks, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, World Bank, African Development Bank, NORAD, USAID, CEPF, NERC, UKAID, UNDP, FAO, DFID, DelPHE and IWMI as well as from federal, regional and local governments in different countries including Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Australia and Norway. Japhet works with the government and NGOs where he plays an advisory role in many aspects of natural resources and environmental management. His major inputs in the recent years have been on groundwater assessment and management; environmental flow assessment, including building climate resilient communities through climate smart solutions, and sustainable agricultural intensification. He is presently working with the SAGCOT Centre Limited, providing relevant tools to assist in sustainable cluster planning and serving as an advisory member of the Ihemi Green Reference Group (IGRG) of the SAGCOT. He is a member to various professional bodies and a registered Environmental Impact Assessment Expert.

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Prof. Japhet was appointed as the chair for Component C on sustainable management of river flows for the WIOSAP project.
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Prof. Japhet J. Kashaigili,
Sokoine University of Agriculture,
College of Forestry wildlife and Management,
Department of Forest Resources Assessment and Management,