Japhet Kashaigili

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Associate Professor at Sokoine University of Agriculture
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Prof. Japhet J.

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The overall responsibility of the Regional Task Force on River Flows (RTF-RFs) is to support the PMU in the effective implementation of activities defined in Component C of the Programme, while specific responsibilities will be to:

§ Support the review of concepts and proposals submitted to the PMU for funding including giving technical support for the improvement of proposals considered viable for funding;

§ Facilitate the development of a coherent regional vision and strategy for work on river flow management within the context of environmentally sustainable development;

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This study assesses the impacts of climate change on water resources over Mbarali River sub-catchment using high resolution climate simulations from the Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment Regional Climate Models (CORDEX_RCMs).

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Climate variability and change are among the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Like in many other areas globally, the coastal communities of Tanzania have always been facing climatic varia- bility at various time scales. Using focus group discussion and a household survey, this study ana- lyzes the perceptions of climate variability and change and the strategies for coping and adapta- tion by the selected coastal rural and peri-urban communities in Tanzania.