Towards Integrated Spatial Planning For Sustainable Management Of Coastal And Marine Resources In Kilifi County, Kenya

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Duration of project: 
2 Years
Objectives of project: 
A. Overall objective: By 2020 Kilifi County Spatial Plan is effectively implemented for sustainable management of coastal and marine resources and enhanced socio-economic development. 
B. Immediate/specific objectives
Objective 1: By 2021, a comprehensive Kilifi County Spatial plan is finalised and endorsed for operationalization by Kilifi County Government and stakeholders. 
Objective 2: By 2021, there is a fully operational GIS lab in Kilifi County for integrated data management and information sharing.
Objective 3: By 2021, Critical Ecologically Significant Areas (CESA) secured in Kilifi County. 

Kenya's coastal and marine resources provide numerous benefits to coastal communities, including food, employment, protection from climate change, and more. However, inclusive planning. development, and management of resources is imperative to ensure that these benefits can be enjoyed by future generations of Kenyans. This project seeks to support the development of a Kilifi County Spatial Plan, which would define sustainable land usage; support socio-economic development; ensure environmental sustainability, and provide strategies to deal with urbanization, transportation, agricultural expansion, and other threats. In addition to supporting the development of the plan, the project would also establish a GIS lab for integrated data management and identify at least one critical Ecologically and Biologically Significant Areas (EBSA) in Kilifi.