Pwani University

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Ph.D. Student
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Marine ecosystem modeling (Ecological Network Analysis (ENA):  Seagrass ecosystems, fish larval supply and recruitment, fish community analyses; Ocean observation: Remote sensing, climate change

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Lecturer and Researcher
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I am an environmental earth scientist with a bias in coastal processes and marine ecosystems conservation and management, specifically shoreline instability and beach erosion vulnerability assessment and monitoring. I also have research interests in near shore sediment and hydrodynamics influencing beach morphological dynamics.

I am also engaged in assessment  of environmental accountability and governance systems in small and artisanal extractive and mining processes. I do  habitats mapping for sustainable restoration and conservation.

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Professor of Environmental Geochemistry in the Department of Environmental Sciences, Pwani University
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Professor of Environmental Geochemistry and administrator. He has conducted and published research on pollution of water (rivers, streams, lakes, dams, groundwater, ocean), soils and air, as well as on environmental impacts of geothermal energy resources.

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Kenya's coastal and marine resources provide numerous benefits to coastal communities, including food, employment, protection from climate change, and more. However, inclusive planning. development, and management of resources is imperative to ensure that these benefits can be enjoyed by future generations of Kenyans.

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