Northern Mozambique Channel

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The NMC’s strategic priority for biodiversity conservation has been confirmed by various processes, including the Indian Ocean Commission WIOMER process, the UNESCO World Heritage Convention and the Convention on Biological Diversity “EBSA” process.

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The Northern Mozambique Channel initiative; Update to the Nairobi Convention, COP8

Science to Policy Workshop, 19 June 2015

by David Obura

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The northern half of the Northern Mozambique Channel (NMC) extends northwards from the narrowest part of the channel between Madagascar and Mozambique, at about 17°S (Fig. 4.1). The Aldabra group of islands lies just to the north, at about 9°S, but the precise northern limit is not clear and is operationally set to include Mafia Island in central Tanzania at about 7°S. It is bounded by northwest Madagascar, northern Mozambique, and southern Tanzania, with the Comoro archipelago at its heart.
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The Northern Mozambique Channel (NMC) area is under the jurisdiction of Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, France, Seychelles and the Comoros, covering an area of approximately 700,000 km2. It is among the world's richest regions for biodiversity. It serves as a biological reservoir for the entire Eastern African coast, in particular for coral reefs and associated ecosystems, and is an important breeding and foraging areas for flagship marine and migratory species.