Marine habitats

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In August 2011, BirdLife International entered into a collaborative agreement with Nairobi Convention Secretariat on a project titled: Enhancing the Protection of Birds in the Marine and Coastal Environment of the Nairobi Convention. The collaborative project was focused on reviewing the bird listed in the Convention’s 'Protocol Concerning Protected Areas and Wild Fauna and Flora in the Eastern African Region.

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The northern half of the Northern Mozambique Channel (NMC) extends northwards from the narrowest part of the channel between Madagascar and Mozambique, at about 17°S (Fig. 4.1). The Aldabra group of islands lies just to the north, at about 9°S, but the precise northern limit is not clear and is operationally set to include Mafia Island in central Tanzania at about 7°S. It is bounded by northwest Madagascar, northern Mozambique, and southern Tanzania, with the Comoro archipelago at its heart.