Focal Points

Focal points

The focal points institutions have been supported to operationalise their offices and to initiate a reporting mechanism for the Convention by compiling national status reports on the coastal and marine environment.

The support has also contributed to strengthening the task forces of the Convention, such as the Forum of Academic and Research Institutions (FARI) and the Coral Reef Task Force (CRTF). The national reporting mechanism for the Convention and the strengthened task forces will give guidance on national priorities within coastal and marine management in preparation for the Convention’s Work Programme for 2008 and onwards.

The Nairobi Convention Focal Points main roles are:-

  • To coordinate information flow from national institutions, NGOs and locally based national, bilateral or multilateral projects and ensuring the dissemination of information to and within the convention area.
  • To act as links to other Multilateral Environment Agreements, International Organizations and Fisheries related Conventions. The focal points will report to COP through the Forum of the Focal Points of the Nairobi Convention on areas of synergy and complementarities between the work plans of all the Conventions at the National level.
  • To ensure inter-sectorial coordination on the implementation of all activities approved by Contracting Parties meeting.
  • To serve as the channel for all formal communications between the Secretariat and the governments and National collaborating institutions and task force members.
  • To participate in preparation of biennial work plans as national experts, and ensure preparation and submission of reports on the implementation of biennial work plans and reports or relevant activities implemented at the national level by Government departments, UN agencies, NGOs. Coordinate the preparation and the state of the marine environment as contribution to the regional report to the COP.
  • To participate in or assure adequate representation at the meetings of the National Focal Points Forum at least once every year and at the COP meetings.
  • To participate in all resource mobilization activities in consultation with the vice chair responsible for and to ensure regular and timely contributions by participating governments to the Eastern African Trust Fund.

Strengthening of the focal points will continue to be a priority, and will build on the momentum generated through the focal point forum, development of specific terms of reference and the initiation of a reporting mechanism for the Convention.

Each country has appointed a Focal Point to the Nairobi Convention to help coordinate efforts to protect, manage, and use the Western Indian Ocean at the national level.







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