Nairobi Convention Marine and Coastal News Round-up (19 April 2021)

Welcome, Nairobi Convention Member States, partners, and friends, to this issue of the Weekly News Round-up! Do you have any events, research, or scientific publications on the Western Indian Ocean that you would like to be included in the round-up? Write to! Save the date! Regional Inception Workshop for the SWIOFC-NAIROBI CONVENTION Partnership Project …

2021 Science to Policy Platform

The Nairobi Convention, together with the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA), hosted the sixth Science to Policy Platform on 23-25 March. The meeting was coordinated with support from the GEF-funded WIOSAP and SAPPHIRE projects, the “Partnership project for marine and coastal governance and fisheries management for sustainable blue growth (NC-SWIOFC) and the EU Capacity Building Related to Multilateral Environmental Agreements (EU-MEAs) project.