Coastal communities

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Maputo Bay, situated in the southern part of the country, encompasses the coastal regions of Maputo and Matola, forming the largest metropolitan area in the country with a major commercial port. The bay is home to diverse coastal and marine ecosystems, including mangroves, seaweed banks, coral reefs, and dune forests. These ecosystems face significant urban and industrial influences. Fishing plays a crucial role in the bay's economy, with resources like shrimp, pelagic fish, and demersal rock fish supporting small-scale fishers.
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Climate variability and change are among the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Like in many other areas globally, the coastal communities of Tanzania have always been facing climatic varia- bility at various time scales. Using focus group discussion and a household survey, this study ana- lyzes the perceptions of climate variability and change and the strategies for coping and adapta- tion by the selected coastal rural and peri-urban communities in Tanzania.