Gildas Georges Boleslas Todinanahary

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The overall responsibility of the Regional Task Force for Critical Habitats (RTF-CH) is to support the PMU in the effective implementation of activities defined in Component A of the Programme, while specific responsibilities will include:
§ Support the review of concepts and proposals submitted to the PMU for funding including giving technical support for the improvement of proposals considered viable for funding;
§ To provide a mechanism for exchange of information and experience on critical habitats management activities, including overseeing the implementation of in-country interventions in target countries;
§ Provide guidance on the criteria for the selection and implementation of in-country interventions on the restoration of coastal and marine ecosystem;
§ Identify, review and propose ways of strengthening regional/national public-private partnerships in the management of critical habitats;

Since his doctoral research between 2012 and 2016, Gildas has been working on coral farming and coral bio-ecology within the Polyaquaculture Research Unit (PRU) of the Fishery and Marine Science Institute of the University of Toliara, Madagascar.

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