Data and Dashboards

The Mauritius Oceanography Institute (MOI) is the national data center for Mauritius collecting data on several marine and coastal aspects including those on habitats, bathymetry, currents, water quality and biodiversity.

The Department for Continental Shelf, Maritime Zones Administration and Exploration, operating under the aegis of the Prime Minister’s Office, has developed an Ocean Observatory E-Platform which is designed to support the MSP initiative of the Republic of Mauritius by providing a platform to collect, store, organize and provide access to geospatial data relevant to ocean exploration and development.

More information on Mauritius is available at the Nairobi Convention Clearinghouse, which is a ‘data reference centre’ in the Western Indian Ocean region, providing accurate and relevant data and information for improved management and protection of the coastal and marine environment in the Western Indian Ocean region.

Being a signatory of the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention, the Government is required to arrange for the collection and compilation of hydrographic data and the publication, dissemination and keeping up to date of all nautical information necessary for safe navigation. The Mauritius Hydrographic Service (MHS) takes responsibility for hydrographic surveying and nautical charting in Mauritius. MHS is committed to assist all national agencies in terms of marine navigation, oceanographic research and marine science, protection of marine environment, maritime defence, ocean economy, tidal level/datum and physical modelling of the marine areas surrounding Mauritius.